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Those Butterflies on my Dreams =)

Chubby is the Name, 17 years living in this World, Single, Loveless,NBSB and Forever Alone daw sabi ni anon. >_<, I'm Makulit, Maingay, Malande =D, Welcome to my blog and Welcome to my Life! because i'm blogging about Life... =D I'm Friendly, minsan Mataray, pero Approachable naman, =) also a Proud Tamaraws (FEU), Taking Up BSBA major in Marketing Management, 2nd year College =) John Ronel | Create Your Badge
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Those Butterflies on my Dreams =)

I'm not into Followers, I'm into Friends

Hi there! How were you able to get the Megaworld Foundation Scholarship? I mean, how many interviews did you came up with and what kind of questions did they ask you? Is the exam REALLY hard? Also, what are the chances of passing that scholarship? Are there a lot of applicants? Sorry, I'm just curious and quite nervous about it. Please help meee T^T. Thank you! :)) Sincerely, Anonymous

I’m sorry but i didn’t take any scholarship exams in my whole life, and it’s my first time to hear that mega trade scholarship, i’m sorry but i guests you TA the wrong person, :)


Drunk! #fuckthisflash #lakasmakaoily (at Harry’s Bar)

Singer ba kamo? 🎤😂 (at Harry’s Bar)

Bata palang Bookworm na! 🐛

Love Birds! 🐤 (at Harry’s Bar)

🍻🍻🍻 #dizzy (at Harry’s Bar)

Relax, relax, relax! (at JoeMonkey Manila)

Finally! This semester is Over! #timetorelax (at JoeMonkey Manila)

So many flavors to choose from! 😂 #hashtagtotoymoladawsabiniaem

Off to Mnl again. Will miss the Ambiance here in Tarlac 😊